Structured networking sessions are dedicated 90 mins slots on Day 2 of IIMBue 2018 where a group of 30-50 delegates get a chance to interact ‘off the record’ with IIMBue special invitees on a specific theme. The networking sessions will take place in one of the meeting rooms at Taj. As the capacity of meeting rooms are limited, the delegates will be assigned sessions on a first-come-first-serve basis.The delegates will be able to select their preferred networking session through the IIMBue app which can be downloaded from here or click here.

In each IIMBue edition, a few exceptionally successful guests (both alumni and non-alumni) are invited by the IIMB Alumni Association. These special guests lead the discussions in the theme-based networking sessions.

  • Woman Power - Breaking the glass ceiling
    A discussion on how women can (& are) breaking the glass ceiling.
    Speakers: Uma Krishnan (Co-CEO Barclays, PGP 1987)
  • Managing Career for Long Term - Marathon or Sprint?
    A discussion targeted on early career alumni on how to think about long term career goals.
    Speakers: Rajiv Maheshwari (CEO, Anand & Anand)
  • Behind the scene in StartUP - Scaling and fund Raising (series A & after)
    A discussion on how to raise funds and scale operations post series A round.
    Speakers: Ashok (CEO Teamlease , PGP 95),Parag Dhol (MD, Inventus Capital, PGP 93)
  • Behind the scene in Startups - Scaling and fund Raising (Early stage)
    A discussion on how to raise seed funds and scale operations to get ready for series A.
    Speakers: Amrendra Sahu (Co-founder, Nestaway, PGP 2011)
  • Crossing the Chasm - How to Scale up
    A discussion focussed on challanges of scaling up operations in Indian market.
    Speakers: Coming soon
  • How to make it to the top job
    A discussion on how to make the last push to get the CEO position once you get to top management.
    Speakers: Rama Panday (CEO, Hella Lightings, EGMP 2006),Hargopal M (CEO, finUNO, PGSEM 2001)
  • Innovation of business models for future
    How business models are changing with times and the factors that are playing an important part in that change
    Speakers:Prakash Bagri (Faculty IIMB, PGP 1992),PC Mustafa (founder, ID foods, PGSEM 2007)
  • Leadership for the future
    How leadership is changing with time and what it would look like in future
    Speakers: Prof. Vasanti S (Faculty IIMB)
  • Achievement Vs Fulfilment - Can we ever have it all?
    A discussion on living meaningfully in times of disruptive changes at modern workplace and modern family
    Speakers: Prof Ramya Ranganathan (Faculty IIMB),Sanjay Dutt (Leadership coach, PGP 93 )
  • How marketing is changing in digital age
    A discussion on how big data and analytics are changing consumer marketing and the skills marketers of tomorrow will need.
    Speakers: Monappa N (Head of Marketing, Amazon Payments, PGP 2000),Bhaskar Choudhuri (Marketing Director, Lenovo, PGP 2000)
  • Fintech: The future of banking?
    A discussion on how fintech is disrupting banking now and what will banking sector look like in future.
    Speakers: Anurag Saboo (Co-founder,Gumption Labs, PGP 1996)
  • Blockchain: Application & challenges
    A discussion on typical applications and challenges for blockchain technologies.
    Speakers: Srinivas M (Program Director(Blockchain), Univo Edtech, PGP 1990),Satyakam Chakravarty (Datablock Technologies, PGP 2000)
  • AI/ML: How will it change our future?
    A discussion on the impact AI/ML will have on different industries and job functions in near future.
    Speakers: Harsha Angeri (Ex-CEO, Tribe Tech, PGP 2001),Amardeep Laktakia (Co-founder, MilkorWater, PGP 1992)